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gardener with flowers and overalls

About Us

I was born and raised among the rain shadow of the olympic mountains in Port Angeles, Washington. My father was an avid outdoorsman that loved to garden and I would always be watching him with admiration. To me as a child it was like he was playing when he was gardening. Fast forward to me as an adult with the same desire to be outdoors immersed in plants. When my partner and I bought our home in 2015 I had a dream of having an outdoor space that I could play in too. With a dream and lots of hard work I turned my backyard into a flower haven. I started making resin art when I came across some forget-me-nots that were so cute that I had to figure out how to preserve them. With a little research I came across the idea of resin and started experimenting with how to cure flowers that I was growing in resin. I then started making jewelry for myself and then it turned into friends wanting some, then businesses and before I knew it I had my own flower preserving business. Now I travel and do shows, sell wholesale, and hopefully make your flower preservation wishes come true!


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